News – is a government scheme whereby the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) collect data about a person’s medical care from all the places at which they have received treatment, which includes GP surgeries and hospitals. A patient’s NHS number will be included so that the information about an individual patient can be collated, but no-one who has access to the data will be able to match that to a name.  The purpose is to compare how care varies in different parts of the country, and for different diseases, so that good practice can be identified and shared to improve the health outcomes for everyone.

Data will fall into one of three categories:

Red – personal and confidential. This would only be made available in an emergency situation and with explicit consent from the patient.

Amber – anything which could identify a patient will be removed. It could be used to show how an individual patient has used health and social care over a period of time. This data will not be made public, and will only be used for approved analysis.

Green – This data is anonymous and may be aggregated. It could be used to how show particular types of patients are cared for in different parts of the country.

More information can be obtained by telephoning the Patient Information Line on 0300 456 3531.  A statement from the Chief Data Officer is also available at and a short animated film can be viewed at

If you are happy for your data to be collected you need do nothing more.

If, however, you do not wish your data to be taken you need to write to the surgery to let us know, or sign one of our opt-out forms which are available to download from our website or can be collected from either of our surgeries. Each person who wishes to opt-out must either write or complete a form. Parents of children under 16 years may complete the form on their behalf, but those aged 16 or over must complete their own form.

Click on the links below for copies of the Patient Leaflet and the Objection Form. Patient Leaflet Objection Form